About Super Specialty OT

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Septic OT.
Labour Room.

The OTs are most scientifically designed to conduct all sorts of invasive procedures under strict aseptic condition in a controlled environment; by specially skilled and experienced medical and non-medical personnel to save life, improve health condition or reduce the level of disabilities by putting maximum emphasis on the patient safety and comfort.

To ensure the highest standard of sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization of sophisticated equipment coupled with safer anesthetic techniques, we have the following Specifications:

0.3 sign of µ HEPA Filter and Laminar Air Flow System (45 air charge/hr., Air Velocity 90-120 fpm & Positive Pressure 15 Pascal), Dehumidifier *RT 18-22 Sign of degree C *Epoxy Flooring *SS 304 Grade OT Doors *Cleanliness Level within class 10,000 for OT *Cleanliness Level within class 100 for LAF system.