About Inpatient Guideline

The Admission Department staff will help your patient to check-in through the admission process and guide you through the hospital guidelines.
Outside food or home food is not allowed in the hospital (unless the Primary Physician gives a written permission). Relative’s food in the Premium category rooms will be provided by the hospital and would be charged separately to the patient’s bill payable at the time of discharge of the patient. Hospital will provide the patient with the medicines and consumables required for treatment at the hospital as per the treating doctor’s guidelines.
Patient will be provided with hospital dress and slippers during the stay in the hospital and the same needs to be returned to the hospital at the time of discharge of the patient.
You will be about the rules of the hospital, visiting hours, dietary services, blood donation and also financial counseling for surgeries and procedures. Further, you will be requested to make an advance payment (adjustable in the daily bill of the patient) at the time of admission, for which you will be given a receipt.
Please refrain from keeping valuable belongings including cash, credit card, jewellery, cell phone with you, during your stay. We instead encourage patients to leave or send these items home. If one wishes to keep valuable items during your patient’s stay, then one should be responsible for all the items, as Manorama Hospitex Pvt.Ltd. accepts no liability.
Hospital is a tobacco free zone and consuming tobacco in any form inside the hospital premises is not permissible.
To know the condition of the patient, only NOK (Next of Kin) is authorised for consulting the concerned doctor during visiting and OPD hours. NOK can also call the hospital phone number and get the call transferred to the concerned nursing station and speak to the nursing staff/Doctor to know about the patient’s condition.
Flowers and outside eatables are not allowed in patient areas.
Photography inside the hospital is strictly prohibited.
Foreigners are required to give their passport details at the time of admission.
Patient toiletries like soap, toothbrush and toothpaste will be provided to the patient by the hospital in a kit at a minimal cost.
In our constant endeavor to improve services rendered, we will be interested in knowing your experience at our Hospital. Please complete the feedback form and leave with our Floor Co-coordinators. Your suggestions will help the hospital and its staff to serve patients better.