About Exclusive CSSD

Quality control and Infection Control both are our prime organizational commitment. To maintain this commitment, CSSD (Central Sterility Supply Department) has formed and run by highly qualified and experienced CSSD technologist/technician. CSSD has the integral role to help in automating the workflow sterilization of hospital equipment viz. Surgical tools and instruments and others dressing materials of various departments. To ensure world class sterilization, we have the following equipment.
High pressure Pre-Vaccum steam sterilizer (Getinge-Sweden).
High pressure Pre-Vaccum steam sterilizer (Natsteel-Mumbai).
Plasma Sterilizer Sterrad 100 S (Johnson & Johnson -USA).
High temperature washer Disinfector (Getinge-Sweden).
Ultra Sonic Cleaner (Getinge-Sweden).
Table Top Flash Sterilizer (Getinge-Sweden).
Dryer Cabinet (Natsteel-Mumbai).
Rotary Auto-Sealer (3M-USA).
High Speedy Water Spray Gun (NatSteel-Mumbai).
High Speedy Air Gun (Natsteel-Mumbai).