About From the desk of Director

Today's Manorama Hospitex is the effect of the great exercise of four Directors of the organisation, Sri Shuvankar Maitra, Sri Lakshmi Kanta Maitra, Smt. Sweta Maitra and Smt. Tandra Maitra. They came into healthcare industry  through Whole Sale Medicine Business long way back in 1987, when they started with a small diagnostic centre in 1994 at Chakdaha in the name of their beloved mother Late Smt. Monorama Maitra with a passion to do something good for the people of Nadia district and to be remembered for decades to come, headed by Sri Shuvankar Maitra, an one man army, being the Director, Marketing Executive, Accountant, Operational Head and everything. As time passed the organisation grew and they started their branch at Ranaghat, in the year 1995 in a small house near the railway station of Ranaghat. Time passed afterwards and the place turned out to be small for the service. lt got a new place on the National Highway of its own. lt was in the year 2011, the Monorama Ultrascan Pvt. Ltd. Started functioning at the new place that is the present location. Both the wives of the two brothers supported in the growth of the organisation further. By this time, it has proved its quality and turned outgo be the best of the diagnostic centres in this belt. The name crossed the border and patients started coming from Bangladesh even. Presently the patients are coming from places of  Murshidabad even to Coochbihar also. In the year 2004, the company was registered for Manorama Hospitex and started growing up. ln the year 2015, the hospital has started its function for the patients. All the board members of Manorama Hospitex are people just like common people and they have the best interest at heart to work for the life and community. They are committed to serving health care needs in a high-quality manner, right here at home.